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We have written a short Guide on some of Auckland’s Suburbs in the intercity.

A Guide Covering The Many Suburbs That Make Up Auckland, New Zealand

New Zealand’s most populated city has a diverse range of suburbs and attractions. A combination of four main areas with easy transportation via roads and water. Its proximity to nature areas makes it a great city to work in during the week and escape out to the trees on the weekend.

  1. The inner city is where all the man hotels and attractions are kept. With access to the water and surrounding islands, there is always lots happening at the Quay and everything is in walking distance.
  2. Ponsonby is classic Auckland. Some of the best restaurants, bars, and cafes are here and where the trendy crowd hangs out. Some edgy attractions are here too for those living a little more carefree.
  3. Old money is found in the Mount Eden suburb. The well to do mix with some student apartments, making for an interesting combination. Trendy little villages and old shops give an old school feel to the area.
  4. The trendy suburb of Auckland is the Newmarket. Expensive shops and restaurants with equally flashy night-time bars line the streets. Truly a fashion shoppers paradise.
  5. The more expensive ares can be found around Mission Bay. Excellent restaurants and cafes to park your pride and joy in front of as you watch people walk and skate by along the waterfront. It’s a bit further out from the inner city and it shows.

These are only a handful of the many suburbs that make up the great city of Auckland. No matter where you are in the area, make sure to give Concreters Auckland a call whenever you need a project done well, and done on time!